The Stylish Charm of Small Coffee Tables


    In living rooms both spacious and compact, the coffee table remains a staple furnishing for both form and function. For smaller spaces, a small coffee table can provide ample utility without dominating the room.

With their lower profile and modest footprint, small coffee tables lend an airy, uncluttered feel. Their lighter visual weight beautifully complements smaller-scale seating options without sacrificing style.


Perfectly Sized for Petite Spaces

Standard coffee tables often dwarf furnishings in cozy living rooms. A small coffee table spans just 40–50 inches wide, providing optimal surface space without overwhelming the room.

Look for compact coffee tables between 12–18 inches tall. The low profile maintains open sight lines, so the space feels expansive rather than boxy. Place small coffee tables about 16–20 inches in front of seating for easy access.


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Big Impact with Small Tables

Just because it’s small in size doesn’t mean a coffee table has to feel visually underwhelming. The right small coffee table makes a mighty design statement:

  • Gleaming marble or glass tops bring an airy elegance.
  • Bold geometric or organic shapes command attention.
  • Thick wood slabs offer organic texture and warmth.
  • Mixing modern and traditional materials creates interest.
  • Metallic bases in gold, brass or copper add a glamorous touch.
  • Concrete, stone or agate tops provide weight and texture.
  • Thoughtfully incorporate shape, finish, and material details to maximize your petite coffee table’s presence.

Functional yet Flexible

Although compact, smartly designed small coffee tables still offer ample functionality:

  1. Store remotes, books and trays neatly underneath.
  2. Look for lift-top designs to conceal convenient storage space.
  3. Opt for nesting or rolling tables to expand and contract space.
  4. Keep the surface clutter-free by making use of vertical accent shelves.
  5. Choose a rectangular shape to display tabletop decor.

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Stylish Touches

Have fun showing off your personal taste through creative small coffee table styling:

  • Refresh regularly with new books, artwork, flowers or greenery.
  • Layer on trays to corral coasters and candles.
  • Play with texture and color to complement your palette.
  • Rotate sculptures, vases or other accent pieces for new looks.
  • Add warm metallic accents like brass candleholders.
  • For spaces modest in size but grand in style, the small coffee table delivers. With options as varied as your imagination, choose a petite yet impactful coffee table that showcases your personal design sensibilities.