How to Wear a Knitted Headband

Knit headbands are must-have accessories that add a darling touch to any outfit. Available in a range of sizes, textures and colors, these head-hugging bands are rising fashion staples. But the endless options can make it tricky to figure out how to incorporate them into your wardrobe. Keep reading to learn pro tips on rocking knit headbands for any occasion.

Choose the Right Size

Knit headbands come in varying widths. Pick the size that best suits your style and comfort:

Standard Width

  • 1-3 inches wide
  • Falls right above the ears
  • Versatile for casual and dressy wear
  • Works with hair up or down

Extra Wide

  • 3+ inches
  • Covers top of ears and part of forehead
  • Makes a statement for parties and events
  • Best with sleek hairstyles like ponies and buns


  • Less than 1 inch wide
  • Grips head without slipping
  • Worn more towards the front of the head
  • Pairs well with loose, messy hair

Match Color to Outfit

Headbands come in every color imaginable. Coordinate with your outfit for a pulled-together look:


Wear the same color headband as your outfit for a streamlined look. For example, a red headband with red dress.


Choose headband colors that are opposite your outfit on the color wheel, like purple with yellow. Pops without clashing.


Mix totally different color families, like green with pink or blue with orange. Makes the headband stand out.


Silver, gold and bronze bands add shine and glam to dressed-up ensembles.


Headbands with checked, floral and graphic prints work as fun accents.

Style for Different Outfits

Not sure what styles work for different looks? Here are foolproof pairings:

Casual Day

With jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. choose knitted bands in complementary colors. Wear wider bands with messy buns or ponytails.


For professional settings, do skinny bands in neutral solids or metallics. Style hair neatly with bands sitting further back.

Special Occasion

Festive fabrics like velvet or dazzling metallics make perfect party pairs. Display with formal hairstyles like chignons.

Athletic Wear

While working out opt for tube bands that grip and absorb sweat. Coordinate with leggings or choose high-visibility colors.

Position it Properly

Where and how you position your headband affects the overall look:

Back Towards Hairline

Wearing further back keeps hair out of face and highlights face shape. Works with voluminous hair.

Front Near Hairline

Looks retro and playful, especially with bangs down. Not ideal for slick styles.

Top of Crown

Placement higher on the crown adds height and suits taller women.

Slightly Angled

Tilted bands, rather than straight across, have a chic, nonchalant vibe.

Care for Your Knits

Keep your knit headbands looking fresh with proper care:

  • Check fiber content and wash accordingly in cold water
  • Reshape while damp and allow to fully dry
  • Store flat or rolled, not folded
  • Spot clean stains with mild soap and water
  • Avoid heat tools that may scorch knits


Add instant polish, charm and warmth to your look with knit headbands. Experiment with widths, materials, prints and placement to find your perfect match. With style options for any outfit or occasion, you’ll want to build a collection of these fashion must-haves.

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