15 Cozy Knit Skirt Outfit Ideas

How to Wear a Knit Skirt

Knit skirts are a versatile staple that every woman should have in her closet. Made from knit fabric, these skirts are known for being form-fitting, comfortable, and easy to dress up or down. If you’re unsure about how to style a knit skirt, don’t worry – this guide will walk you through everything you need to know to look and feel your best.

Choose the Right Knit Skirt for Your Body Type

The first step to rocking a knit skirt is choosing the right style for your body shape. Here are some tips:

Pear body shape

  • Opt for skirts that are fitted at the waist and flare out at the hips to balance your shape. A-line and wrap skirts work well.
  • Add volume on top with ruffled or puff sleeves to draw attention upwards.
  • Avoid pencil skirts that cling to every curve.

Hourglass figure

  • Embrace your shape with bodycon and pencil skits that highlight your waist.
  • Look for ruched detailing to show off your curves.
  • Balance your proportions with a fitted top. Show a hint of skin with an off-the-shoulder blouse.

Athletic build

  • Try a knit skater skirt with a wide waistband to emphasize your waist.
  • Minis and knee-length styles show off toned legs.
  • Add shape with a belt and high necklines, like a turtleneck.

Curvy/plus size

  • A-line and full circle skirts are flattering options that skim over the hips and rear.
  • Dark solid colors and thick fabrics minimize lumps and bumps.
  • Pair with a close-fitted top to accentuate your waistline. A peplum blouse is perfect.

Pick the Right Length

Knit skirts come in several different lengths. Pick what suits your height, style and comfort level:

  • Mini – Ends a few inches down the thigh. Great for showing some leg on a night out.
  • Knee-length – Hits right at or below the knee. Classic and versatile for work or weekends.
  • Midi – Falls below the knee but above the ankle. Stylish look while still keeping covered up.
  • Maxi – All the way down to the ankles. Provides great coverage for a beachy or boho vibe.

Avoid lengths that cut you off mid-calf as they can shorten your legs. Try on different styles to see what is most flattering for you.


Pair with the Right Tops

Now for the fun part – choosing a top to complete your knit skirt outfit!

  • Tucked-in blouses or tanks – Tucking in a silky cami or fitted blouse balances out the skirt’s clinginess.
  • Flowy, untucked tops – An oversized tee, peasant blouse or tunics help hide any problem areas.
  • Cropped tops – A chic way to show some skin and your midriff. Pair with high-waisted styles.
  • Structured jackets – Blazers, leather and denim jackets add polish while showing off your waistline.

Aim for tops that provide some contrast in texture and flowiness. Avoid anything too tight or short that competes with the skirt – you want balance.

Choose the Right Shoes

Don’t forget the shoes – they can really make or break your outfit!

  • Booties – Ankle booties, either heeled or flats, are an easy way to dress up a knit skirt.
  • Pumps or wedges – For work or events, pumps add some lift while wedges are better for daytime wear.
  • Sneakers – Great casual option with minis or midi skirts. White or colorful pairs keep it fun.
  • Sandals – Flat sandals work for warmer months while heeled versions dress it up.
  • Ballet flats or loafers – Give off French girl vibes with these tomboy-chic shoes.

Try tights or thigh highs in cooler weather for a layered look. Go bare-legged to highlight skin in warmer months.

Add Optional Accessories

Accessorize to give your outfit an extra style boost!

  • Statement necklace – Draws eyes up and adds interest near the face.
  • Earrings – Hoops, tassels and other dangly pairs complement the skirt’s movement.
  • Belt – Cinches the waist for a put-together look.
  • Hair scarf – Adds a retro vibe tied around ponytail or bun.
  • Crossbody bag – Carry essentials while keeping hands free.

Keep jewelry, bags and other accents minimal to let the skirt be the star. Pick sleek hair and makeup to polish off the look.


Knit skirts deserve a prime spot in your closet rotation. Follow these tips on choosing the ideal length, shape and style for your body type. Pair with shoes, tops and accessories that balance proportions. With the right knit skirt outfit, you’ll always look and feel amazing!

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